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You can now earn 1 hour of continuing education credit by watching an on-demand training and completing a content-assessment. 

Brought to you in collaboration with PRISM Collaborative.


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For Our Lives: Addressing the opioid crisis in American Indian/Alaska Native communities

Webinar | Duration: 1 hour | Monday, June 3rd | 12:00 PM PT

  • Vicki Lowe is the Executive Director of the American Indian Health Commission. Vicki co-leads the AI/AN opioid response workgroup which provides ongoing guidance to the campaign. 

  • Megan Hathaway is a research director with Desautel Hege and has a master’s degree in public health communication and marketing from George Washington University. Megan is co-lead in the campaign's development and adapting it for different communities. 

  • Lucilla Mendoza is the Behavioral Health Administrator in the Office of Tribal Affairs at the Health Care Authority. Lucy is the lead on this campaign for HCA. 


For Our Lives and WA Tribal Opioid Solutions are designed to inform and educate Tribal communities and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people about strengths-based approaches to responding to the opioid public health crisis. This campaign is developed by Desautel Hege in partnership with Tribes and Urban Indian organizations and is funded by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA). The campaign is culturally grounded in the voices of Native people and includes information on prevention, treatment, harm reduction, recovery, overdose prevention, and reducing stigma .The campaign is informed by interviews, focus groups, and discussions with Tribes, Urban Indian organizations, the American Indian Health Commission Opioid Response Workgroup, and AI/AN people across Washington. All materials are free.


In this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand why culturally grounded approaches are important. 

  • Describe the iterative process of the development of the For Our Lives campaign. 

  • List at least one important message in an opioid response campaign for AI/AN people and communities. 

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