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Washington State University and Oregon State University are partnering for the Region 10 Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Collaborative funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Elizabeth Weybright (WSU), Dr. Allison Myers (OSU) and Dr. Michelle Peavy (WSU) aims to provide training to rural communities to help them prevent and treat opioid use disorder across all of Region 10 (Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho).

We will provide more information on Training and Technical Assistance, Webinars, and Health Innovation in the Northwest Region.

Upcoming Events

Supporting Communities in Doing What We Know Works

Shot in the agricultural heartland of Ca

Spanning the health continuum

We provide training and support every step of the way, across the behavioral health continuum from health promotion and harm reduction through prevention, treatment, and recovery. 

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Shot in the agricultural heartland of Ca




We leverage the infrastructure and relationships within each state’s Cooperative Extension System to reach rural communities. Extension supports people in using research-based knowledge to improve their lives. 



Provide resources you can access with minimal assistance from staff. These include newsletters, web libraries of resources and tools, and county-level resource guides.  

Shot in the agricultural heartland of Ca

Serving rural and diverse communities

Recognizing the unique needs of our region, we are committed to collaborating with tribal organizations, as well as organizations serving other diverse populations such as agricultural workers, youth, people in recovery, and people with co-occurring mental health and substance use challenges.



Provide focused support through trainings and events for those interested in specific programs or approaches. This includes trainings, resources, and support for specialized groups of providers. 



Focus on stable, on-going relationship to support changing policies, practices, operations. This includes training and coaching within communities of practice. 

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